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Shannonsaurus Rex
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Why do I feel like we’re married, and I’m your wife?

Kevin:I just caught a fly in my hand -
Aleks:Did you eat it?
Kevin:Because it was flying ar-- No. Ehh hold on.
Aleks:Dude you should tape off -- Like, rip off its wings and then tape it down, and then say dirty things to it.
Aleks:You should be like 'You've been a dirty fly.'
Kevin:(laughing) What the fuck is wRONG WITH YOU?
Aleks:You've been quite the naughty fly haven't you? Just flying around here.


I think the creatures have the cutest relationships.

Jordan and Monica 

Dan and liz 

Seamus and Ash

Spoon and Ali 

Aleks and Dominika

And then theirs James and his blowup dolls

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Some days, I’m genuinely scared for Ciaran’s sanity.

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*aggressively stabs at each individual letter when retyping password*

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